Windows Phone 8.1 – What’s New?

Windows Phone 8.1 brings a plethora of updates to Microsofts phone platform.  Aside from the obvious user interface changes with wallpaper, Cortana and action center, there are a lot of behind the scenes changes as well.

Windows Phone 8.1 Features

Action Center

  • Microsofts version of notifications, which they did very nicely


  • Apps can capture some audio/video, but can be limited due to copyright
  • Store your Apps and Game data on an SD Card.  The Apss cannot be moved between phones.  Windows Phone 8.1 recognizes this and won’t allow it.
  • Backup your App data to OneDrive if enabled by the developer
  • New Store design making it easier to find Apps and show what’s new and trending


  • New Bing-powered Podcast App
  • Bing smart search


  • Support for Google Calendar
  • New views in Calendar along with the weather


  • New layout with burst mode


  • Background task updates to Bluetooth, Chate message notification, Device connections, Device use triggers, Gatt notification, Location, Push notification, RFcomm connection, System event, and Timer
  • XAP replaced by APPX
  • Hardware accelerated audio and video encoding
  • Actionable or Silent notifications for apps


  • Option to automatically download pictures in email
  • Encryption
  • New Syn option


  • MDM enrolled phones can be remotely locked and be forced to change passwords
  • Password protect Office documents
  • Scan documents with the camera
  • Built-in VPN support
  • Certificat management
  • Better MDM features

Internet Explorer

  • Updated to IE 11
  • Can save passwords for websites
  • Updates to JavaScript, HTML, and WebGL
  • HTML5 Standards


  • Wordflow keyboard (swype)
  • Show emoji’s



  • Edit media
  • Xbox Music and Xbox video are now standalone apps


  • Change the default SMS app
  • Mute a conversation thread


  • New sorting options for contacts
  • Press and hold call duration for more detail
  • Inner Circle contacts
  • In-call voice commands


  • Battery Sense
  • Battery Saver
  • Data Sense
  • Wi-fi sense


  • Bluetooth 4.0 LE
  • Chkdsk for micro SD cards
  • Geofence support
  • Miracast support
  • Mouse and keyboard support
  • Stereoscopic 3D support
  • Trusted NFC app list
  • Virtual SmartCard support
  • Wallet support (allows importing of passbook from iPhone as well)

User Experience

  • Wallpaper with parallax/transparency effects
  • Double-tap to unlock phone or to power off
  • Live Tiles can now be marked as read
  • File picker
  • Quiet Hours – Disables notifications for a select period of time
  • Search button opens Cortana
  • Separate volume control for ringtone and media
  • Swipe down to close apps

iPad User Guide – iCloud & Photo Stream

iPad User Guide - iCloud & photostreamThe amount of people with iPads is growing more than anyone could have originally imagined.  If you have been thinking of getting an iPad or just got an iPad and want to know more about how to use an iPad, this video series is for you.

In this video I explain what iCloud is all about and show how Photostream works.  Check out the video for the details and be sure to comment on what you want to see on iPad.

Thanks for Watching!

Vaja Nuova Pelle Review (iPhone 5)

Vaja Nuova Pelle Review (iPhone 5)

Vaja has made exclusive premium cases for iPhones, iPads, and more for years. The Nuova Pelle for iPhone 5 is their latest offering. The premium leather case is a simple, elegant, minimalistic design that is beautifully stitched and attaches to your phone via a reusable adhesive.

In this video I review the Vaja Nuova Pelle and give a simple overview of the product.  (more…)

Apple Airport Time Capsule First Setup

Apple Airport Time Capsule First Setup

The Time Capsule has been around since 2008. Apple has recently updated the design and specs of Time Capsule to a more vertical looks that includes 802.11AC with Beam Forming. The Time Capsule not only acts as a router, but includes a hard drive to backup all of your Macs using the built-in Time Machine utility.
In this video I walk through the first setup of when you plug in the Time Capsule for the first time. (more…)

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