How To Reset Your XBOX 360 To Factory Default

Recently I purchased the XBOX 360 S and needed to reset my old XBOX 360 back to factory so I could sell it. ; I couldn’t find a decent video showing how easy it really is and so here is a video to show all of you how to do it.


  1. my xbox free live account wont let me sign in even though i have the password and i want a gold an i cant figure out what to do please help me i really wanna kick ass online

  2. son updated a game but game not working so as it was updating it stopped and wont let me use xbox any help wud be great

  3. Awesome video!

    Hope you don’t mind me sharing it on my site!

  4. i tried to update my xbox from a disc and now i cant do anything because it cant apply the update. so is there a way to reset my xbox without going into the menu from the update screen

  5. Hey I’ve got a newier style 360 4gb .. Just thee other night it stopped connecting to my Internet/Xbox live ..
    “It’s kinda showed signs once before a few months back”…. But I just logged out an back in and it was fine…
    My Internet is 100% same as when it worked flawlessly. When I go run Internet setup it begins to try to read connection but stops an says cannot connect to Xbox live.. I just bought two days before Xbox gold 1 yr card subscription. That worked up nn till Internet connection problem arose.. I’ve done the manual way also to setup connection ,but end up where I was before……… It has had all its updates just when I got gold card..
    That isn’t the issue either!!!!! Technically I’m stuck wanting to stomp it a new arrrssss, but know that doesn’t resolve ah thing…I’m to the point of wanting to buy the older style USB wireless adapter an see if it can bypass the internal wifi adapter. But i think it might end up in conflict of interest between both adapter tryin to work at once….
    If anybody has something that I might have over looked or done please fill me in…
    Anyways input that is serious …… Is wanted .
    I guess if worse comes to worse take it in to a shop an see if it can be fixed…
    I’d prefer not spending if it can be saved from someone’s intelligence…
    Thanks nn looking forward to get this behind me..


  6. Will this delete all my stuff? PLEASE HELP! I bought the Xbox off a website and it was used and it has a parental password on and I don’t want to delete it all but I want to take the parental password off.

  7. i wanna remove the parental control plz help

  8. Bought Xbox new but this past week it won’t play any games because of the parental code.i didn’t put one on here so I don’t know the code.HELP PLEASE

  9. Note: This is not a reset. This is just a format. If you have the pass code issue you need to call Xbox Support.

  10. I bought an xbox 360 from a friend and it has parental settings and i dont have the pass coad

  11. Very helpful mate. Thank you. Took us hours to work this out then we found your page!!

  12. My son put a Pass code on his xbox 360 can can’t play games now how can I fix that

  13. If ur xbox 360 dashboard is a 2.0.15574.0 i just now learned of a code that worked for the xbox we got off a friend it worked for me just a few min’s ago it was LT,RT,X,Y,LB,RB,Y,A,RT,(ANY D PAD DIRECTION) I USED DOWN,DOWN,DOWN,DOWN. and it worked for me its to return ur xbox back to factory mode it will erase everything just to let u no now


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