How To Reset Your XBOX 360 To Factory Default

Recently I purchased the XBOX 360 S and needed to reset my old XBOX 360 back to factory so I could sell it. ; I couldn’t find a decent video showing how easy it really is and so here is a video to show all of you how to do it.


  1. Aaron – you saved my sanity – thanks. Could not restore my son’s Gamertag, Xbox advice was to pay £100 to send back to Microsoft for a fix or buy a new one for £150. Thankfully my brother was a bit more savvy and did not agree with the experts, he found your video, we reset back to factory settings and successfully recovered the Gamertag. Thanks Again.

  2. I bought an xbox from a friend and it has parental settings but not for xbox live. ive tryed all the factory restore codes but none of them work. is there any other way to get it back to factory settings?

  3. Good gravy! Thank you oh so very much for that. I was beating my head on my computer screen with all these different “ways” of resetting not working. The one was like some craaaaaaaaazy code that you had to put in very fast! Ugh! Thanks again!

  4. Your a life saver i been try to find something that could help me and then i found this thanks alot

  5. I was surfing around for a free video game download and found a site giving away the Xbox 360 for Free. Some sort of Consumer Rewards deal. Not sure how it works exactly or who is paying for the games, maybe the manufacturer, or advertisers. IT took about 3 weeks to come in, I had actually forgotten that I submitted my email and address with them. But it works, Now The site is even more updated with XBOX Consoles, A Red Nintendo Wii, and more. The site is Im going back to get more free stuff.

  6. will this delete my gamertag info too?

  7. How do I reset my passcode for parental rating for my xbox 360? I chatted with x box. They gave me these instructions.

    Once in the system settings. Press Lt, Rt, x, y, Lb, Rb, x, x u, d

    I m supposed to see reset system after all that. Does not happen.

    Any advice?

    Thank you


  8. DEAN, i used your code and simply pressed ‘right’ at the end and it worked, ive been trying all the codes and that one finally worked….so try pressing right at the end haha.

    hope it works

  9. Hi if i reset my xbox 360s will it fix my wireless internet, every time i try to connect to my internet it comes up saying that i need a wireless adapter. being the nex xbox i dont understand what has happened for this to be possible.


  10. i hav tried so many codes and at the end it just takes me back to the console settings menu what do i do ?

  11. You are a genius. Thank you so much!

  12. i have a xbox 360 and i got it used and when we went to watch a movie it said it has a password are they a way around it??

  13. my xbox keeps saying “A required storage device has been removed.” then restarts the console, i dont get the chance to enter my serial #. what should i do?

  14. hi i have a x box360 and i am having problem with coneting my internet device, i need to delete the IP adress so i can put a new one in what should i do

  15. unplug the cable and plug it back in. Or remove your wifi network from the settings and re-add it.

  16. kea did u figure out how to fix it

  17. Will this solve a freeing problem? Ive tried everything else.

  18. does this get rid of everything and would it help me connect to xbox live as my xbox keeps saying that i am connected to the internet but not xbox live… any ides people? <3 <3


  20. You only get charged for changing your gamer tag. You keep it until you change it.

  21. HI,
    I bought a used 360. The person I bought it from did not remove themselves as the administrator. Is there a way I can do that? Will this restoring to factory default achieve that? Thanks in advance for your help!

  22. i do everything the you say for reset my xbox 360 but nothing happend im stock in xbox live and i dont have the xbox connect to the internet i try to play with the kinect but i cant,what i can do.

  23. settings, system settings, console settings, system info.

    lt rt x y lb rb dddddddddd
    lt rt x y lb rb xxxxxxxxxx
    lt rt x y lb rb yyyyyyyyyy

  24. angeluique, thanks the one with xxxxxxx worked for me!

  25. i cant update my 360 because my disk drive got stuck and my brother took it apart to look at it and the system thinks its been tampered with. when i put a game in it just says play dvd. will this fix that?

  26. basically could play my xboxas normal until my brother went on it and he has now messed with something, so when i try to log on my xbo it asks for password and email which i dont know, and this is the only account ive got my gold membership on?? pleas help?!

  27. I’ve forgotten my password and the answer to my security question, so what I’m trying to achieve is to literally reboot my system to the point where it has absolutely no designated settings. Is there a more extensive procedure I can follow to achieve? All I want is to restart anew; new profile, new settings, everything.

  28. my xbox is softmodded…will my xbox be unmodded by doing this

  29. am trying to reset my code to my xbox 360 i got it use so i never had the code it stop me from getting on the enternet playin my downloads i no its a way

  30. Thank you looked all over the internet for instructions to do this. You video took just minutes. Easy to follow.

  31. How do I get all my quick play games back I didn’t mean to delete them

  32. well when it comes to downloading profile when it comes to the middle of download it stops and says sorry xbox live profiles cant be downloaded right now try again later then this number shows up (80150101) no prenthasis but ya what is wrong with it it also wont connect to live eather i cant find a solution i have tried all the suggestions i honestly dont know what to do

  33. i do not kno my xbox pass code. or the answer to my question to reset =( help me please

  34. Yesss THanks angelique

  35. So i forgot the password that you make using the triggers and i dont know what to do i need Help i forgot my answer to the question if i want to rste the password

  36. Aaron what if my xbo doesnt have a memory..? Its been working since I bought it back in Dec of 2011 I would only use it to watch movies on it then my bf got ahold of it just the other day an started playing gmaes on it.

  37. Hello, i’ve updated a new version of xbox software, if do this it will be in factory deault mode?

  38. Ummm.this will make me sound stupid but do you kno where the serial number is! Lol thx heaps been tryin to get games and update it. Thanks again

  39. Hi My PC can see the XBOX but not the other way round, i was on TALKTAKLK and it worked then, just moved house and had Virgin super hub now it doesn’t work. No settings were changed just tried to carry on as before, any ideas ??

  40. I recently had to perform this on a older white console, had to call in and the code they gave me was LT,RT,X,Y,LB,RB,Y,R-DPAD,A,L-DPAD,


  41. Will this erase all of my information and achievements on my profile?

  42. hey guys its no asking for me to enter a serial number in its just reseting my console a want to remove my gamer tag as well can anyone help

    kind regards

  43. I used to play halo 3, I played ninja gaiden 3 and wen I tried to play my halo again it says unrecognisable disc and says error… Help please, I reset my console but its the same

  44. Both disc and xbox 360 are new

  45. Both system and disc are new…

  46. Also I got a wireless controller that lights up but doesn’t connect

  47. I don’t have access to xbox live, will try n sync the controller… Wen I put on the ninja gaiden it said an update was required and updated something from the ninja gaiden disc itself…

  48. THANKS!!!!!

  49. Hey im trying to reset my son xbox and we did everything you said but when we get to the four code we get stuck. please help.

  50. how do you get your memery back even tho memery is still there but it would not pop up the saved stuff.


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