I have been using Mozilla’s Prism for a few days. The program is really not much by itself, but it is the simplicity that makes its possibilities great. The idea behind Prism stems from blurring the lines of what you do in the cloud and running an application on your computer. Now, instead of going to (insert favorite web browser and typing an address and passwords), you open an app on your mac or pc just as you would for word, excel or anything else and get the same result without all the work. The setup is very easy and straight forward. You open Prism and it presents you with a box where you insert the url of the site you would like to make into an app/link. You name the app and then select where you would like to see the icon. You are presented with a choice of Desktop, Application folder or doc on the mac. The equivalent is available on the windows side. The final step is to choose an icon for the application or it will auto assign an icon if you do not want to choose. You click ok and then you have your application link. Once you click the icon, it opens and you are presented with a window where you see your expected web page. This can be used on any website you choose. The possibilites are endless if you want to quick link everything you use on the web and make it more quickly accessable. The idea seems to be a bit on the lazy side, but in the few days I have been using it, I find Prism to be extremely useful.
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