Windows 7 which is due out by the end of 2009 seems to be the beginning of regular updates to Windows. It appears Microsoft is taking a hint from Apple and its own past in how often a refresh should be due. So far Windows 7 is the only confirmed future of Microsoft Operating Systems. This is not to say Windows 8 and Midori are not in the works. As soon as 2010 which would be following the release of Windows 7, Microsoft may be planning a 2 year cycle of updates like times past. I must say that I agree this would be the best strategy for Microsoft. It would also be beneficial for possibly a home and business edition with the Home version having regular updates to keep users interested. This was suggested by Paul Thurott of the Supersite for Windows on his podcast windows weekly. No Matter how Microsoft intends to proceed into the future it would be beneficial to get rid of the bad yet unjustified perspective of Windows Vista.