For anyone familiar with online storage or synchronization of stored files. The soon to be next in line is Live Mesh.  Live Mesh has been around for a little while but is offered for tech preview as it is still in its infancy. Live Mesh offers online storage and synchronization with a nice interface and easy to use setup.  Currently the storage cap is at 5GB and allows a vista-esque style interface with the typical windows and folders.  You can upload your files for storage or you can have devices synchronize automatically when updated.  The one interesting feature is the ability to sync without using your storage space on the web.  You can sync two device and Live Mesh will pass your files thru their server to the assigned device.  The sync option is net yet available for macs but works well with windows.  If you have a need for storage or sync I suggest trying Live Mesh out and if you don’t care for it, no problem,  it’s free.

[Live Mesh]