The many different reports of bad reception and loading issues may be due more to the carrier than the phone itself.  This is mostly true when it comes to the different download speeds people are experiencing.  "In the US, iPhone 3G users with AT&T have reported average download speeds of about 990 Kbps, the same as for Softbank in Japan and Telia in Sweden. Canadian carrier Rogers Communications did much better with an average download speed of about 1,330 Kbps."  In an informal survey conducted byWired, users in Germany and the Netherlands reported the fastest 3G download speeds — of roughly 2,000 Kbps — while users in Australia reported the slowest: about 759 Kbps.  Despite the claims many people in San Francisco are experiencing speeds closer to Edge than 3G.  This is thought to be due to towers getting overloaded with connections.  You can check what speed you are getting with the Speed app in the app store or go here []