For quite some time it has been expressed that many would love to see a Mac Tablet.  Today Appleinsider discovered a patent filing that shows just that.  The patent shows many different ways that the interface can be used.  


"The illustrations in the April 15, 2008 document, which builds on filings dating back two years, depict a tablet Mac with a full windowing interface, by which interface windows can be enlarged, shrunk, moved, and cycled, rather than being locked or set in place as they are with the company’s iPhone. Several examples from the filing, which lists Apple industrial design chief Jonathan Ive among its inventors, are provided below. Some examples not listed but included in the filing include cycling through pages by vertical and horizontal finger swipes, and simultaneous zoom-and-rotate maneuvers."


The keyboard looks as though it is a larger version of the iPhone’s and has a a more advanced but simple interface.  Is this what awaits on September 9th?  I am sure a lot of us hope so.