There have been a few DVD’s released that have digital copies of the movie itself ready for use in iTunes. If you have not come across any, the reason is due to studios trying to maintain their hold on the content you already own.  Lately though the movie studios have realized we are going to rip the DVD’s if they don’t anyway.  The DVD’s now come with a digital copy, DRM protected that can be used in iTunes and moved to your iPod, iPhone or Apple TV.  While this is a step in the right direction, DRM is definitely not.  


20th Century Fox has just released 20 titles with digital copies.  These include Die Hard, Napoleon Dynamite and a others, though the titles are available in the US only right now.  "Our research shows that when given the option, consumers recognise the incredible value proposition that Digital Copy provides as a simple, fast way to move content to a portable device,” noted studio marketing EVP, Mary Daily."


This is a nice value add if you do not already have your entire collection digitized.  Let me know when DRM is no longer on my copies and then they have my attention.  Until then, Handbrake anyone?