Rogers, the carrier of the iPhone in Canada has just extended their data plan promotion in Canada.  The original data plan came under much criticism for its lack of monthly allowed bandwidth and overpricing.  "As part of those adjustments, due to the customer complaints, Rogers announced a promotional plan for $30 per month that allowed for the transfer of 6 GB of data. It was set to expire on August 31, but the company has now decided to extend it until the end of September."


Rogers has also adjusted its normal data plans prior to the release of the Blackberry Bold.  "A 500 MB plan will cost users $25 per month, and include three months of unlimited usage. Another will allow 1 GB for an additional $5 per month."


Rogers will also allow tethering of the data from the phone (blackberry I assume) to any connected computer


This could be more confirmation of an Apple tethering app for the iPhone. Lets hope so…