All of the sudden everyone seems to be trying to cash in on the tremendous success of the iTunes App Store and who can blame them.  Microsoft has apparently taken a look at the 1 Million dollars a day that Apple is bringing in and decided it would like some more money too.  The speculation comes as a result of a Job posting at Microsoft.


 •  Definition of the product offering, pricing, business model and policies that will make the Windows Mobile marketplace "the place to be" for developers wishing to distribute and monetize their Windows Mobile applications

•  Responsibility for the business model and key elements that will drive the optimal experience for developers and monetization of the service by Microsoft

•  Preparation and driving the cross group collaboration for the initial launch of the marketplace offering to the developer community this fall

•  Preparation and driving the cross group collaboration with stakeholders in the commercial launch of the marketplace service with the launch of WM 7

The name of the store is said to be called Skymarket and no mention of when it will be live as they are still looking for people.  At least we have many options for more apps and more revenue for the little developer.

[Job Posting]

Google also is getting into the app store on their open source Android platform.  Check the story [here]