A lot of people are angry and some have filed lawsuits about the poor 3G coverage in their area.  If you live in upstate NY you may have seen the billboards around that say "Upstate New York is AT&T Country".  



  Our coverage of 3g from the get go was great at least in Syracuse and Rochester.  The outlying towns had to suffer with Edge for now and were not privelaged enough for the faster 3g.  


  Today while traveling home from Rochester to a very small town near lake Ontario, I noticed I have full 3g coverage for many more miles than usual.  Yesterday the coverage was not the case, or at least that I had noticed.  The coverage extended just to the border of the small area called Sodus and then slowly faded and switched to full Edge coverage.  I was amazed to see that we have such good coverage considering we have such a small population compared to many of the places which lack 3g.  




  For some reason upstate New York is blessed with many choices for internet and happens to be a test market for new services.  For example, Syracuse has had Verizon Fios being installed all around for years.  Our speeds are much higher than you hear from Podcasters like Leo LaPorte who says 3-10Mbps is good. I personally have 15Mbps down and 1 up with RoadRunner turbo and have confirmed this to be the consistent speed.


  So if you live in Upstate NY I guess we really are in AT&T country.  Hopefully this rapidly expands to the rest of the nation so we can all get the coverage we paid extra for.


  How is your coverage?  Let us know in the comments below