Google today presented Google Blogscopped with an announcement of their new web browser called Google Chromed.  They received this via mail in the form of a comic book drawn by Scott McCloud.  


The new browser from google is packed with Google Gears and is based on the existing rendering engine Webkit.  




The support for JavaScript is custom made in Denmark and is called "V8".  Google says they are using a “multi-process design” which they say means “a bit more memory up front” but over time also “less memory bloat.”  


Chrome has tabbed browsing but has placed them above the address bar instead of below as Firefox and IE.  




The address bar includes your search box which Google calls "Omnibox".  This allows not only your web addresses to be entered but your searches to take place inside of it.


The Default Homepage is a presentation not unlike Opera.  The homepage gives you the 9 most visited sites in a graphic view and on the right sidebar shows your top searches.



Google Chrome also has a built in a private browsing modes, anti-phishing software and also allows you to launch web apps from within the browser.  


Right now there is no time table for release, but time will tell if this proves to be more popular than Firefox.


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