Multitouch Oy now has a demo of its HD multitouch display. The display allows multitouch and reacts very quickly as you can see from the video. The idea of multitouch is not a new one, but has yet become widely available other than on portable devices like laptops and the iPhone.

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Via Multitouch’s Site:


    • Comes in 46" and 32" variations
    • High resolution: Full HD or HD Ready
    • High contrast
    • Several Cells can be combined into one display
    • LCD reliability: 50 000+ hours expected life-time
    • Automatic self-calibration
    • Built-in error diagnostics, for remote maintenance
    • Robust construction
    • Low maintenance costs
    • Scratch-resistant front glass

The display is scalable and can be used in many different arrangements.  The Modules cost about $7,000 for a 32 inch model.



We are slowly edging our way closer to the display we all want from Minority Report.  Now if we could just afford it…


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