Thanks to some people over at Engadget, we now have details of Sprint’s new WiMax Xohm service.   The speed is said to be a very respectable 2-4 Mbps.  The service is without a contract unlike many other on the go internet solutions.  The site says that the service is on "Your Terms" and you can pay by day or month with no cancellation fee.  This is all sounding too good to be true and it may be depending on price and coverage.  From the various links there are different devices that will be available for you to be able to connect such as modems, phones and laptops with the technology embedded.  One of them being a Macbook Pro.


The site is not yet finished and all the links are not in order.  There has yet to be a working link to a coverage map but maybe this could sway some people away from Verizon or Sprints prior solutions.  If you are like me and have an iPhone, all we can do is hope for a tethering app to avoid having to pay more a month for a fast portable connection.


Support Page  [Here]

Pricing and Speed  [Here]

Main Site Page  [Here]

Devices Page  [Here]