Google has had plenty of announcements in the past 2 days.  The next on their list is a new satellite set to go into orbit this week.  


Google has signed a deal with GeoEye-1 to launch the most advanced high-resolution, civil, remote-sensing satellite to date.  Google is the exclusive online mapping site that may use the imager says Cnet.


Google already has a deal with DigitalGlobe for imagery and you can bet they are none too happy about this deal.  Google now has the ability to map its territories it is missing and in better resolution.  Google lately has been trying to get into everything.  What next, Government?


Via the Article:

"Google’s logo is being flown on the side of the rocket. The new satellite is capable of up to .41 meter resolution, but by [U.S.] law Google will be limited to .5 meter/pixel resolution. This is still VERY good resolution, and a bit better than DigitalGlobe’s typical .6 meter imagery."


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