Reuters reports that Nokia has announced that on Tuesday they have signed a deal with Carphone Warehouse to release a new music program for its phones in the UK.  The program called "Comes With Music" allows music to be downloaded from the phone and listened to like all do these days. The difference with this program is that you get to keep your music that you have downloaded within the 12 month period.


Universal, Sony BMG and Warner Music Group have signed the deal allowing their music to be downloaded with Nokia’s service.


"Carphone will get exclusive rights for unsubsidized Nokia 5310 XpressMusic "Comes with Music" edition sales in Britain, the Finnish company said in a statement."


Yes, you actually can keep the music you payed for and listen to it.  If only the RIAA and music companies would realize we would pay for our music if they would not charge a fortune and actually let us keep it without DRM.