Ebay annouced Wednesday that it would be launching a new marketplace for the environmentally friendly shopper.  Ebay is trying to cash in on the estimated $206 billion of potential profit each year.  World of Good is dedicated to providing those who care about healthy living and the ethical treatment of workers, with a conglomerate of all that lies in this category of product.


The environmentally/worker friendly marketplace is difficult to shop in due to its scattered appeal and widespread markets.  Ebay is trying to get the best of all products that meet their standards and combine them in one large marketplace.  


Ebay’s General Manager of the site, Chatwani,  "helped conceive of the idea for the WorldofGood marketplace three years ago while traveling to India with fellow eBay employees"


"What’s different about WorldofGood compared with eBay, he said, is that shoppers will have more information about products–where they come from, how they’re made, and how they affect the environment."


The site will encompass 70 different countries and has fair-trade certification from roughly 25 partners of Ebay which include Rainforest Alliance and Co-opt America


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