We are on the verge of eliminating incandescent light bulbs in the U.S. at least.  The regulation of energy consumption is driving us to alternative energy savers such as the fluorescent bulb’s which are worse for the environment if broken due to its Mercury content.  We now have an alternative in the form of a very bright and long lasting LED.


  Instead of emitting light that bothers the eye, as does fluorescent bulbs, LED bulbs can emit many different spectrums of light which can sooth or bring mood changing tones.  The market already offers a handful of LED based light bulbs with futuristic and some with poor design, but Frog Design think it can one-up their designs and market appeal.


Their LED bulb looks like an incandescent. It works like one, uses the same aluminum socket and gives off the same warm color. The only difference is energy savings and a life span of 30+ years.


As long as you don’t break the bulb,  30 years in between purchases would save a lot of money and energy.  The disadvantage is that the manufacturers would not have to make as much stock with the long life.  Oh, well, here is to the LED and not having to stock up on incandescent bulbs before their elimination in 2014.


[Frog Design]

[via Gizmodo]