In attempt to continue to alienate its customers and make consumers hate them more, Comcast is trying to appeal the FCC’s decision about how it discriminates people who use their service.  Comcast has not admitted wholly to such practices, but it has been found to throttle down its users who use too much of what they pay for.  


"Comcast accuses the FCC of overstepping its authority when it issued a formal cease-and-desist order against the company’s policy of interfering with subscribers’ BitTorrent traffic last month."


"While the suit recognizes the FCC’s authority in governing ISPs’ actions, it says that it has not enacted any “enforceable rules or standards” over the way internet providers manage their networks."


Comcast is unaware that people legitimately use BitTorrent to transfer files.  That does not mean there aren’t pirates who use BitTorrent as well, but if the customer pays for unlimited bandwidth you would assume it means unlimited without any blocking.


Hopefully those who have Comcast can break their relationship and welcome the competition, that is, if they are unhappy.  


[via Dailytech]