Zune is not just a platform, but an experience, or at least that is how Microsoft is seeing it.  Microsoft is looking for people to connect multiple devices with a Zune-like experience and seamlessly connect them with other devices within their portfolio.  Zune usually gets made fun of or gets a bad reputation mostly due in part that it is Microsoft trying to do their best at combating Apple.  However, if you have ever used a Zune you know it’s not a bad experience, just another device in an iPod compatible marketplace. 


Now Microsoft is trying to connect its devices, and the proof comes in a job posting:  "The Zune team is embarking on the mission to create a “Connected Entertainment” experience, realized through the Zune service, that spans multiple devices such as Zune, Xbox, PC and Mobile phones."


What this means exactly can only be guessed at, but you can assume we might be seeing video and/or music transfer from Xbox360 or PC to Zune and Mobile phones.  Whatever it is don’t expect it too soon as they are still hiring.


[Job Posting


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