As just about everyone knows by now, Apple’s big Fall event is about to be upon us.  We’ll be covering the event with up to the minute updates so be sure to check back.  



Some of the things were expecting to see:


iPod Nano:

A new 4th Generation iPod will be revealed with curvy-ness.


iPod Touch:  

A Newly refreshed iPod touch with slightly larger dimensions and maybe a plastic back?


iPod Classic:

The introduction of colors for the lineup



No refresh, but new 2.1 software which also will be offered for the iPod touch



Although some don’t think we will see one we would not be surprised to see a refresh, and some upgrades for the MacBook Air, but no idea really at this point.



iTunes 8 will most likely be a key focus at the event, with visualizations, maybe a subscription service (please let this be) and new views for the user



W know Snow Leopard is on its way, but this event is not likely to see it introduced.



Possible refresh of specs, not a whole lot expected.


Mac Pro:

This will most likely get some news come January at Mac World.



We have been wanting, like many others a new tablet, gps turn by turn and cut and paste.  Lets hope one of those is going to be up and coming.  


One More Thing:

Mac Rumors is reporting that Apple is urging the media to cover the event and they are claiming this event to be a "Big Deal".  I have a crazy thought that maybe the reason the Google Browser was not released for Mac yet even though it should be easily convertible is maybe Chrome will be the next Mac Browser,  I doubt it highly, but hey, you never know.  Tomorrow should be interesting.