Microsoft announced today that it is spending $8 Billion on R&D to be the best there is in cloud computing.  The recent availability of cloud storage and sync via Live Mesh is just the start of what Microsoft has planned.  It appears that Microsoft has really started to understand that the future of the where files and data is stored seems to be changing.  Google has had their focus on cloud computing and Microsoft wants a bigger piece of the pie.  


Microsoft admits it wants to be the best in cloud computing and blasted Google for not offering enough choice to consumers.  Strange coming from the biggest anti-trust case provider of the modern age.  Microsoft is continuing focus on three products Microsoft Application Virtualization 4.5; a new standalone edition of Microsoft Hyper-V Server; and System Center Virtual Machine Manager 2008.  These applications are what they believe can help push cloud computing to the next level.


While Google could use some competition and Microsoft has the budget to do it, are we sure we want them ruling our desktop and the cloud?  Only time will tell…


[via Betanews]