Spore, one of the most anticipated games to come out recently, now has a new following of hate growing around the way the game implements DRM.  Digital Right Management is on just about every piece of software in one way or another, but the methods Spore is using is a bit overstepping the boundaries.  The DRM on Spore is provided by securom.  Securom is sometimes referred to as malware or a virus in that it installs itself to your computer and modifies the CD-ROM’s q-channel in order to make a protected original distinguishable from a copy.  



This sort of protection practice discourages many to buy the software just to avoid securom being installed on their pc.  Too bad they don’t take a look on piracy sites to see that their game is already there for the taking.  If people want to steal their software they will find a way to do so and it is unfortunate that software companies do not realize that they can encourage sales by not DRM-ing their software.  Certainly if you use want software you should buy it, but this sort of practice does not encourage, but discourages.


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