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12:45 The Apple Store is down of course


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12:51 Classic Rock is playing, more energetic than last events


12:53 Live announcer asking to shut off cell phones and PDA’s, starting soon..


12:58 Two iMacs on stage, some sort of software demo, or itunes?


1:00   Lights now dimming


1:00  Steve Jobs is on stage,  reports say he is looking very thin


1:01  Steve makes a joke about his obituary being released


1:02  Music is the topic for the day.  iTunes images from NBC,  Office, Heroes shown on the banner.


1:02  65,000,000 accounts on iTunes.  Number one distributor in the world


1:04  iTunes 8 is the topic at hand, new requests for voiceover, browsing and genius.  They are looking to improve browsing of music in itunes with new views              and sorting functionality


1:06  Genius allows you to automate the making of your playlists with music that goes together with just 1 click.  It also recommends things from the iTunes                store on the sidebar.  The information is taken from your library anonymously an then makes suggestions based on what you have.


1:08  You have to opt in when using genius and it updates weekly


1:10  Thy are now showing clips of the Office in HD


1:11  Continues to show off the Genius feature


1:12  Steve does a search for John Mayer,  He pushes the genius button and that’s it,  you refresh and all songs that go with it are listed

1:14  The feature is available today today with iTunes 8, free


1:14  Now moving on to the iPod,  giving statistics,  iPod has 73.4% marketshare i the US


1:15  Updates and new products being releasd.  The classic 80Gb and 160GB


1:18  Shots of the new Nano,  just like the spy shots


1:18  PIctures of the evolution of past nanos to present


1:19  The new nano is the thinnest iPod ever,  the front is curved glass,  the UI is new and it has an accelerometer.  You can create genius playlists right on the             nano itself


1:20  The nano has a voice recording feature when it has a microphone attached.  SHowing pictures of the nano and how you turn it side to side and the screen            changes


1:22  A New feature is you can shake the iPod to make the playlist shuffle


1:23  Photo viewing you can rotate for portrait or landscape


1:24   Battery life 24 hours, 4 hours of video, and Jobs says again that it is the thinnest iPod ever.


1:25  Talking about the environmental advances they have with the new nano 


1:26  Colors of the new nano are being shown,  bright blue, purple, orange, green, pink,  Prices are $149 for 8GB and $199 for 16GB


1:26  8GB nano is in stock today,  16GB next week


1:27  Apple is announcing accesories such as armbands, new headphones,  $79,  2 drivers in the headphones, woofer and tweeter, also has 3 different side ear            attachments.


1:29  Showing a New Ad for the nano


1:30  Showing a new iPod Touch,  very thin and shiny,  same shape as iPhone 3g, polished steel


1:32  They added a volume control on the side and integrated speaker,  the Nike+iPod built into the Touch


1:33  It looks like Nike is just software an it relies on the accelerometer,  


1:33  Demoing the genius playlist on the iPod touch


1:35  Talking about the App store, 100 million apps downloaded in 60 Days


1:37  Demoing movies on the iPod touch


1:37  Jobs invites Phil  Schiller on the stage to demo some new games on the iPod touch


1:38  Demoing Spore Origins which shipped yesterday,  also demoing RSoccer09 and Need for Speed


1:41  Phil just got done with Spore,  onto Soccer, or should I say Football


1:41  Soccer graphics seem to be ps1 level in 3D but 2d is nice


1:43  The game shows a d-pad on the bottom of the screen as well as an A/B button


1:43  Now showing need for speed,  very nice looking,  customizing your car,  comes in November


1:45  Battery life for the iPod Touch is 36 hour, wow,  6 hours for video,  environmentally friendly,  8GB for $229, 16GB is $299, 32GB is $399,  all available                today


1:46  SHowing the new iPod Touch Ad


1:48  The iPod touch has software 2.1,  which includes Nike and Genius playlists,  update is available tody for previous owners


1:49  The iPhone update is free and is available this Friday….huh, oh well


1:49  iPhone owners get significantly improved battery life, fewer dropped calls, fixes crashing, increased speed for backups and various other fixes


1:50  Steve is wrapping up the iPod lineup,  now waiting for One more thing….


1:51  Jack Johnson is stepping on stage,  he has sold 60 millon albums on iTunes


1:52  Engadget says it looks like they are done there,  too bad,  that was not the big event most hoped for


1:55  Still waiting….


1:59  Still


2:01  He sings another song


2:05  Steve says, thanks for coming,  thats all they have today?