It sounds like Analysts are starting to change their tune when it comes to the overall winner of the current generation console war.  Analysts have said that PS3 will eventually win and then they change and say the Wii is winning and now the Xbox 360 will win.  This time they have evidence of who is winning and why.  


The Xbox 360 had the early start in the console race and was available 1 year prior to the other two competitors this time around.  The main reason Analysts think the Xbox 360 ill win is its game lineup and cost.  The recent price cut of the 360 doubled sales almost instantly and with the game lineup it has going for it, it should be no surprise that it could be the winner.  The Wii is not usually played as much and although it is a nice piece of technology, the games are lacking in depth and the library is lacking.  The PS3 is a great media and bluray player , but lacks in the game department and was late to the game.  Only time will tell and then this coming year we can predict all over again.