You may have been reading about the banned Podcaster App that allows you to download and listen to podcasts on the go without the help of iTunes.  The App also allows you to stream podcasts on the go at your leisure.  The App was banned because Apple said it duplicated the features of iTunes.  Now you have the ability to download it and have it work for a year and maybe longer if Apple doesn’t block it after that.  


The application can be had thru a developer Ad-Hoc loophole which allows the developers to seed out their app to iPhones they have the serial numbers of.  In order to do this you supply your email and serial number to them and they can send you the app.  They are asking for a $9.99 donation for the app and then they will send you an email to download it. If you have been waiting for podcast downloading without connecting your iPhone or iPod Touch to iTunes like I have, then give your support and get the app while you can.  Now if we could only get Netshare this way…



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