New York is making an attempt to give the license holding citizen an easier way to travel with an RFID embedded drivers license.  This license is now being distributed to all who want one at this point and can provide proof of residence.  


Fortunately you do not have to have the RFID in the card just yet and we assume this is probably the first step to gain more control by phasing this in slowly as an option first and then requiring it given New York’s track record for ridiculous laws and taxes.  Anyway, that is another debate….


Via New York’s site "On September 16, 2008, NYS began to issue WHTI-Compliant Enhanced driver licenses (EDL) (includes Enhanced learner permits) and Enhanced non-driver photo ID cards (ENDID) to applicants who can prove U.S. citizenship and NYS residency. An EDL or ENDID can be used instead of a passport at U.S. land and sea border crossings between Canada, Mexico, Bermuda and the Caribbean."