Just about everyone knows what the Tesla roadster is.  What you may or may not know is they plan to release a luxury sedan and then an affordable car that continues their electric only mindset after that.  Tesla is serious about building electric cars for all and is set to build a new facility for the upcoming Model-S sedan.  


Today or Wednesday, depending what time zone you are in, Tesla plans to announce its intent to invest $250 million in a new factory in San Jose, California. As of right now the current Tesla manufacturing plant does not have the capacity to handle the delivery of another model.  The new plant will be capable of producing 15,000 sedans a year and can later ramp up to double its output. The price of the new Model-S or so called Whitestar should be $60,000.  Although not affordable by all, it is a step in the right direction and almost half the cost of their current sports car offering.  The new sedan is said to go 240 miles per charge and is right in line with their current battery range.  The real question is when the cars come to the north, how long will they go in snow and running electric heaters?