Line Rider has made its way onto the app store for the tiny price of $2.99.  The Free game that has people making incredibly detailed levels with simple tools now on iPod Touch and iPhone.  This version of the game is controlled by touch and offers a movie mode which allows you to upload your levels and movies for sharing with others.  It also includes the new draw and pan, gravity tilt and night ride features.  You can also search for your favorite tracks and download them to your hearts content.  



[via Mac World]




 his version of the game lets iPhone users control rides by touch, offers a movie mode, and the capacity to upload tracks for sharing with others. This version also includes the new Draw&Pan, Gravity Tilt and Night Ride features.

Company CEO, Brian Fargo, said: "Line Rider is the perfect game for the iPhone and will provide almost endless gameplay as mobile users will be able to share their tracks and ride the lines almost anywhere now."

Line Rider fan TechDawg collaborated with inXile to create a selection of tracks which are available for download.

Players can search for tracks by track name and/or author, rate other people’s tracks and browse the list of "Most Recent Tracks" as well as "Top Rated Tracks".