Adobe has just made 2.1RC available for download on both Mac and Windows.  The program is intended for photographers and editing and is much more focused than photoshop.  The new release candidate offers a bunch of bug fixes and enhanced performance.



 This release addresses the following issues:



  • Attempting to import a large number of images that already exist within the Lightroom catalog could cause significant performance delays.
  • The image counts that appear next to each folder could appear to populate slowly.
  • Lightroom scanned the calibration profile directory excessively when switching collections.
  • The ‘three dot’ indicator in the grid view persisted longer than necessary.
  • The Mac 64-bit version did not have SSE2 optimization, causing reduced rendering speeds.
  • Memory leaks in the Library and Develop modules decreased Lightroom performance.
  • Applying keywords via presets or on import could greatly decrease import performance.
  • Folder synchronizing could experience significant performance decreases.




[via BGPictures]