Apple is now offering a new way to get an iPhone.  You can now go to their site and signup and once approved you can go pick it up from an Apple store.  You go to their site and fill out your information, and once everything is all set you only have to go get your iPhone.  It sounds like Apple is not so happy with the way AT&T is handling the sales and this is one way to give customers that great Apple experience.



via Apple’s Site:


Click the button below to:

  1. Enter your billing information.
  2. Review eligibility and pricing.
  3. Select your AT&T rate plan.*

Once you’re done, choose your closest Apple Retail Store and let us know when you’d like to come in to complete your purchase.** An Apple Specialist will be ready to help you personalize your new iPhone 3G, make calls, browse the web, receive email, and more.