Griffin has made some interesting accessories for portable music players and now they have the New Griffin Clarifi for iPhone available for Pre-Order.  The new case not only protects the iPhone, but adds a much needed layer of sophistication to the camera of the iPhone.  Griffin has incorporated a lens into the protective backing of the iPhone case which allows better closeup shots.  "Without Clarifi, iPhone requires about 18 inches to focus properly. Slide Clarifi’s lens into place and you can move in to 4 inches for crisp detail and great pictures."



This is a great idea until Apple adds a boost in resolution and function to the current iPhone line. 


You can pre-order the Clarifi case from Griffin for $34.95 [here]


 Via Griffin:


  •  Protective polycarbonate case.
  •  Close-up lens focuses close for incredible detail; perfect for capturing business cards, document text.
  •  Lens slides in place for close-ups, then back for normal photography.
  •  No adapters or small pieces to lose; the lens is built in.