If a ruling passes this week it could force music sellers to pay publishers more money.  The increase would be from 9 cents to 15 cents, and although that does not seem like much, when put in perspective it is quite the chunk of change.  The millions sold every day make this number a great one and a threat to the cost we pay and Apple pays to their publishers.


Apple already makes little to none on the sales of the songs it sells on iTunes and this would force them to reduce their profits if any and possibly make them go negative.  In a statement submitted to the board last year, iTunes vice president Eddy Cue said "Apple might close its download store rather than raise its 99 cents a song price or absorb the higher royalty costs."


This is more of a threat as Apple is the biggest music seller there is at this time.  It goes to show that the recording industry has no clue that if they reduced cost they could actually sell more.  Oh well, lets hope this doesn’t pass and we can all keep on living our normal lives.


[via MacRumors]