Later this month Microsoft will hold its professional developers conference where they will give users a peek at Windows 7, but the other thing they will do is unveil "Windows Cloud".  This is a new operating system for cloud computing and has been given the temporary name of "Windows Cloud" by Steve Ballmer.  


“We need a new operating system designed for the cloud and we will introduce one in about four weeks, we’ll even have a name to give you by then. But let’s just call it for the purposes of today ‘Windows Cloud’,” said Ballmer.


We can assume that this is part of Live Mesh and is going to expand on their live services.  “We’re not driving an agenda towards being service providers but we’ve gotta build a service that is Windows in the cloud,” admitted Ballmer.


Ballmer also went on to say that he basically knows that he needs to compete with Google and get it out there prior to a Google OS.  


The next few years could be very interesting in who becomes the dominant player for operating systems.  That said, as long as they please current gaming fans and uses little system resources, the new OS could be of great interest in getting more out of what you already have.


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