Th new Sea-Doo RXT iS 255, is not only fast, but it has some innovations not common on the water.  The new model has a supercharged 3-cylinder engine that produces 255HP.  This is nothing new for Sea-Doo and its competitors, the innovation comes in the form of suspension, brakes and a stepped hull.


Taking a queue from boats the new RXT iS has a stepped hull which provides a better ride and reduces drag to get the most out of the power and ride.  The RXT iS also incorporates a water brake which once engaged slows the engine, puts down a reverse bucket and then increases throttle, which results in stopping reduced by up to 100 feet.  The best feature of the PWC is the new full suspension called iS (intelligent suspension).  The suspension is not just in the seat like the older XP, but the whole hull is separated from the deck with shock absorbers, which results in a less harsh ride and great for all day riding.  The suspension is also adjustable from luxury to sport and provides full customization for your riding needs.  


The watercraft has one downside and that comes in the form of the price, which starts at $14,999.  


Did I mention it can outrun a Ferrari F430 from 0-50MPH?