StumbleUpon will be launching a new install-less toolbar for those of its community to use.  The idea was brought forth because the trouble of  installing a toolbar has deterred users from Stumbling.  With the new Stumble you will be able to visit a site directly from their site and then via a web toolbar you will be able to stumble just as before. 


They are also offering a few sites with their own stumble plugins and this should be expanding soon.  The first four The Huffington PostHowStuffWorksRolling Stone online, and National Geographic.


StumbleUpon allows its users to suggest sites so the rest of the community can view them.  Over 35,000 URL’s are submitted daily andover 6 million are already submitted.  StumbleUpon allows users to pick a topic such as technology and see the sites one after another that have already been submitted.


[via cnet]