has revamped its site today in an attempt to get more market share and improve usability. Ask knows it will not get 20 year olds to use them for search and has refocused to the 35-55 age range.  Up to 15% of people using ask, ask questions to search (remember Jeeves?) and they aim to improve this by revamping the back end of their search engine.  The one noticeable difference we could find is the new increased speed of the returns on par with Google.  


Cesar Mascaraque, European managing director of Ask stated "The 20 year-old is never going to use us and, you know what, I don’t care," he said.


The new Ask has gone live, today on October 6th and will go live in the UK on October 20th.

In using Ask, it is very responsive and provides you with different skins to change the site to your preference.  The site also offers advancedsearch to better specify what you are looking for and also provides a better search result per their claims.


[via BBC]