The new iPhone firmware is not out for the public yet, but is in the hands of developers who have found some interesting features aside from the framework of the firmware itself.


The new found features include:


 – Support for Japanese emoji icons:  Popular in Japan and blamed for slow sales of the iPhone in Japan due to them not being there.


 – Google Street View:  The street view we all enjoy on our PC’s and Macs, now on the iPhone


 – Auto-Correction Diable:  A good and bad feature of the iPhone.  When it works in your favor it’s great, but when trying to type an unusual last name or word it                                             becomes a pain.  Now you will be able to turn it off.



It’s always great to know Apple is serious about keeping its customers happy even when the company grows to include more and more people.  All Apple users love that personal touch that Apple provides and it good to see they are back into the details.


[via Mac Rumors]