Sanyo has boosted the output of the Blu-ray disc to 100GB using a higher power laser and 4 layers of data.  The output of the laser is now 450 milliwatts and due to its higher power can read extra layers and has increased its speed to 12x. Each layer of the disc can hold 25GB of data. 


The extra speed is great for those who use Blu-ray discs to backup their data, but the technology is still in its infancy and not ready yet for the consumer.  Though Sanyo is not the originator of the Blu-ray disc they have improved the technology by boosting power of a component within the laser which could help prolong the life of the already struggling medium.


As long as the price is not too exponential, then this should come as a great use for the future of higher resolution of televisions and the ever increasing storage we all find ourself in need of.