Apple is great most of the time, but sometimes they go a little overboard.  Apple is suing Victoria School of Business and Technology over the design of its logo. The Victoria school logo as you can see above is an apple, but certainly varies when compared to the Apple logo.  The ironic part of the whole thing is Victoria school is a large consumer of Apple products.  


"Our logo is unique and distinguishable in numerous aspects from the Apple logo including the acronym ‘VSBT’ being part of our logo," reads a statement by school president Dieter Gerhard. "Are you suggesting that anyone using any variation of an apple for technology education is infringing on Apple’s trademark?"


As much we like or Apple and their products, this is pushing the issue a bit too far.  Lets hope they just drop the case and get to designing the glorious products they do.


[via MacNN] via [Gizmodo]