Due out by the end of the year, Pro Tools 8 will get a few updates and an interface makeover.  The cosmetic changes look to give Pro Tools a more modern look. You can now configure the Edit Window Toolbar and all Editor windows are dockable as well. This update also includes new MIDI and Score Editor tools to go along with the new features.


The new updates include an elastic pitch option which allows real-time transposing in the Edit Window.  Also added is the support for 10 inserts per channel and 48 simultaneous audio tracks in Pro Tools LE 8 as well as M-Powered 8.  You can expand this if you need to by buying add-ons.  The Music Production Toolkit 2 and DV Toolkit 2 allows up to 64 channels and the Complete Production Toolkit allows up to 128 tracks with 7.1 surround sound.


Pro Tools 8 also brings 20 new AIR effects, amp simulation through Eleven Free, Bomb Factory’s Tech21 SansAmp, and five new virtual instruments, including the Mini Grand piano and DB-33 tonewheel organ. Pro Tools|HD 8 can now control five different PT|HD systems simultaneously, and the Mac OS X version of the suite now supports QuickTime HD when working with video.


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