iFonProtect is for those people who trust their co-workers enough to leave their iPhone or iPod Touch on their desk when taking a mild bathroom break, but not enough to leave their goods unprotected.  iFonProtect uses the motion sensor of the iPhone or iPod Touch to detect movement. If someone decides to browse your goods while away, an alarm will sound if the set code is not entered in the alloted time.  


Help to prevent your iPhone from ‘walking away’! Increase your security. iFonProtect acts as a motion detector and will sound an alarm when the iPhone is moved. After the ProtectMe button is depressed, the owner has the number of seconds set in the arming delay slider to move the iPhone to its resting place. The iPhone screen will go dark to save on battery when the delay has expired and the accelerometers are activated (it will look as if it is in sleep mode). If tripped the alarm will quit after approximately 30 seconds. If an iPhone running iFonProtect is within a moveable object like a purse or back pack, then that object is also protected. It could also be used to detect movement of a door or window.


Ultimately you should know better and just bring your valuables with you wherever you roam and know your sacred Apple devices are safe in pocket.  If you cannot bear to do so, or have no pockets for the given day, then this app is right for you.


[Download] for $1.99