AppleInsider has confirmed that the new MacBooks coming on Tuesday will indeed contain NVIDIA chipsets for graphics.  This is great news for those feeling like your MacBook is great in all areas but video processing.  



"Kept uncharacteristically secret by NVIDIA for most of the year, the MCP79 platform is so far considered a substitute for Intel’s Centrino 2 "Montevina" platform, offering support for the same 1066MHz front side bus, optional DDR3 memory and PCI Express 2.0 interfaces."


The new chipset should help with speed, battery life and physical size which not only makes the form factor of the whole MacBook smaller, but helps reduce its heat output as well.


Intel is thought to be using their GeForce 9300 and 9400 series integrated GPUs and this should add a significant performance gain over current Intel chipsets.  


[via AppleInsider]