Now that we have had a few days to settle in with all the Mac news about the MacBooks, news of updated iMacs are next in line.  Apple refreshed their iMac line last August and the rumor is that there will be a possible refresh prior to Christmas. 


The updates are said to be mostly hardware-based and not Cosmetic as that would change their current lineup of aluminum and glass.  The thought is that Apple may incorporate quad core technology into the iMac lineup.  At this point it is only speculation and there has been no concrete evidence of a refresh, but it certainly is typical of Apple to do silent refreshes as well.


We doubted the possibility of new MacBooks prior to January, after the release of the iPod Nano during Septembers event.  The most interestign part of all the releases is what might Apple have for MacWorld in January.  We are assuming they have something pretty significant if they are releasing everything prior to the January.  We can only wait and see what Apple has next to wow us with.


[via Apple Insider]