Jean-Michel Jarre is passionate about design, but also they are passionate about sound quality.  For $580 you can get this stylish tower from France which will allow you to play your iPod and iPhone with style and a quality sound, according to them.


"In recent years, there has been, particularly for music, a growing gap between the high quality hi-fi systems sophisticated and expensive audiophile speakers and often poor for laptops to listen to music as mp3.  I am convinced that because of the remoteness of growing public support for some physical music (and sometimes the image) is because people have forgotten what the quality of reproduction should be."


There you have it, if you want a single sound stage that brings tech and style to your room and you have the ability to import this from France, then you’re all set.  If you don’t have the care or cash for the product, we can at least admire their style and caring about how music sounds and is presented.


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