We thought the Mac Mini was gone for sure when rumors of its imminent death were rampant.  Now there are reports that it is still alive and kicking and indeed getting a refresh. 


The refresh is rumored to be getting the following updates:


1.  A new Mini DisplayPort like the new MacBooks.


2.  The Mac Mini will be able to address up to 4GB of Ram


3.  The optical drive will be changed from IDE to Sata or an option to eliminate the optical drive in favor of 2 Sata hard drives


While this update is still a rumor, it is not so far in left field that you couldn’t consider it to be the truth.  The Mac Mini is still available via Apple and is in need of that refresh we have been waiting for.  MacWorld may be the time or maybe it will be a stealth update.  Either way we hope something is kept for a cheaper option of Mac.


[via Apple Insider]