If you want to experience what living under a communist regime who controls everything is like, then this plugin is for you.  The China Channel Firefox Add-On is there to raise awareness of what China censors from its occupants.  The add-on, once enabled gives you the censorship of the Chinese internet experience provided by Chinese Ministry of Information Industry.  Hopefully this makes you understand why communism is not a good thing and also makes you appreciate your freedom here in the United States or abroad.  


Once installed it offers you a choice to turn the feature on (communist), or off (freedom).  The website which offers the plugin is accompanied by a nice video to explain its workings and comes with the install and usage instructions below.  There is also an explaination of how it works and why it should be stopped.



  1. Click the "Download Now" button, confirm install.
  2. After installation confirm restart of Firefox to activate CCFF
  3. Click on the "GO" button, which appears in the top left on the additional tool bar in your Firefox browser to initialize CCFF.
  4. Click on the OK button in the popup window to finalize the installation process.
  5. Select "CHINA CHANNEL" and click "GO", you will get connected through a random proxy server in China now.