No we don’t have to be tagged just yet, but the new Violet Mir:ror allows you to tag everything you have, using RFID.  The Mir:ror comes as a usb base station and stamps containing the RFID chip and allows you to sync items to your computer. 


For example, you have a bunch of photos you have uploaded to flickr.  You also have a photo album with the same photos as the album you uploaded.  You can tag the old style photo album with a tag, so when you bring it near the base station it opens a browser, goes to flikr and retrieves the album you have in your hand, but in digital goodness.  You could also tag your iPod so once you wave it near the Mir:ror, it brings up the latest albums from your favorite genre of music.  The possibilities are only limited by our ability to think what to do with it.  The Violet Mir:ror comes to the US on October 27th at a price of $69.99.


The one thing it won’t do that we all could use is, tag our keys or remotes so we can find them once we misplace them.



[via Technabob]