Switcheasy recently released a line of different color silicon protection for the new 4th Generation iPod Nano.  The cases come in 11 different colors and should meet the needs of any iPod Nano 4G owner looking for a silicon protection system.  The packaging is quite simple, but complete.  For $12.99 plus $3.00 for shipping, you receive the silicon case, plastic click-wheel guard, soft plastic screen protection, a hard-shell screen protector and a microfiber cloth.  The package also comes with a plug for the dock connector port to provide protection and keep unwanted lint or small particles out.




The whole package starts by installing the protective plastic ring for the click-wheel.  Once this is on you add the plastic screen protector.  You then can slide the silicon case onto your iPod.  You then slide the hard plastic screen protector into place and add your dock connector plug.

The feel of the case is of soft silicon which has some good stretch to it, but is thick enough to provide more-than adequate protection against scratches and falls.  The case itself we tested was Crimson in color and nicely duplicated the Product(Red) iPod we have.  The one down side to covering the iPod with colored silicone is you can never duplicate that metallic look you get with a anodized metal casing of the unprotected iPod.  On the plus side, the case is not a sticky silicone and should not collect lint.




Although you cannot fit the Nano into a dock with the silicone on, you can use the USB cable without any interference.  The headphone jack and hold switch are exposed enough to provide for normal use as you would expect. The build quality of the case is top notch and there were no noticeable defects or imperfections from manufacturing.



All-in-all the Switcheasy Colors Case is a great option if you are looking for a full silicone casing solution to an iPod Nano.  The price is very reasonable for all you get and the shipping was very fast, 3 days from California to New York, for only costing $3.00.


We also did an unboxing and hands-on review.  If you want a higher resolution video, please click the video link to youtube.  Watch Below:



We give this case a 4 out of 5, only taking off for the inability to use it with a standard dock.


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